Tree Surgery

We offer a variety of treework, including but not limited to:

Crown Reduction

We can reduce the height and/or the width of the tree in order to reduce the stress on the branches, to make the tree more suited to a garden and to reduce shading from the tree.

Crown Lift

 In order to give a more uniform height from the ground, we can remove the lower branches of a tree. This allows more light into the surrounding area and provides clearance for traffic and pedestrians.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning removes small branches throughout the canopy in order to increase the light to the immediate area. It is a good way of reducing stress on the branches of the tree without affecting the overall shape.


If your tree has dead branches, it's necessary to remove these to prevent risk of injury when they fall naturally from the tree. This is best done when the tree is in leaf as it is easier to identify the dead branches.


We are skilled in reshaping trees by pruning branches to improve the overall shape of a tree or shrub when it has grown in an unsightly or unhealthy way.


This involves the removal of all of the branches, leaving only the main trunk. It is commonly done to both willow and lime trees in order to maintain their current height.

Tree Felling

This is the complete removal of a tree whether by taking it down piece by piece (sectional felling) or by felling the tree in one piece (straight fell). As a team we are experienced in felling trees in close quarters with minimal damage to the surrounding area. 

Stump Grinding

We have a specialist stump grinder which can get into almost any area regardless of access. This will remove the remains of the stump and ensure the tree does not grow back.

Hedge Trimming

Our team will neaten your hedges in an efficient and tidy way to maintain an orderly garden.


To renovate your garden, we can partner with a fencing team - contact us for a quote.